Established in 2006 as Samsara Money Transfer, Samsara Remit Pvt. Ltd has been striving ever since to honor the hard work of Nepalese abroad in providing happiness to their loved ones back in Nepal. Today we are recognized as one of the fastest growing Remittance companies in Nepal. We at Samsara try to add personal touch to our services so that the process of money transfer doesn’t become burdensome to our loyal customers.

With the advent of technology, we at Samsara understand how the process of money transfer is changing worldwide and have been continually working to adapt to newer and easier ways of making the process convenient to our customers. Our partnerships with some of the money transfer giants in the world like MoneyGram, Xpress Money, Instant Cash, Small World give us an edge in terms of promptness and reliability in connecting the hard work of Nepalese abroad with their loved ones back in Nepal. Apart from this traditional approach our progressive international partnerships with online companies like World Remit, RemitR and Bux.com allow customers to transfer money to Nepal from just a click of a button. Back home, we are supported by an extensive network of more than 4700 Payout Agents. We provide Cash to Cash and Bank Deposit facilities, along that very-soon-to-be-launched E-wallet Service.

In our 12 years of service, Samsara Remit has forever attempted to provide the best rates to our customers. Understanding our customers’ needs and concerns has been a major driver of how we go about our services. This was evident in our determination to subsidize charges on money transfers made by our customers from across the globe during the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

We at Samsara Remit understand how important remittance is to the Nepalese economy. This is reflected in all of our operations. Our front-end officers continually strive to add personal touch in the process of money transfer to our customers. At the back-end, we are forever committed and working relentlessly to secure better partnerships and tie-ups with a sincere goal of making the process of money transfer easier, prompter, and more reliable. This commitment makes Samsara Remit one of the most progressive remittance companies in Nepal. Despite the immense progress so far, we are driven to better understand and act upon the ever-evolving needs of all our stakeholders- remitters, agents, and staffs. This is what sets Samsara apart and makes us one of the best remittance companies in Nepal.



Today Exchange Rate 1 Canadian Dollar = 77.59 NPR.,1 Yen = 0.9189 NPR.,1 Euro = 119.96 NPR.,1 Pound = 156.48 NPR.,1 USD = 118.71 NPR.

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